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In today’s existing Art Market, clients look to the expertise of Art Advisory Services for advice on how to collect with confidence and long-term value. Regency Art has obtained the best expertise knowledge and professional networking connections to consult on excellent choices for the Art Purchase and Art investment decisions.

Regency Art’s experts facilitating professional Art consultancy services to their corporate and private collectors on how to build strong, growing, valuable art collections. Our advisors are highly networking professionals that consult and guide on legitimate purchase processing and preservation of Art Works, as well as an art investment and re-sale envisioning.

The knowledge of the art market in custom tailored art programs is developed around four basic tenets: design, taste, image, defining budget, investment forecast. Regency Art is maintaining and growing a database of the world’s finest established artists in every medium as well as emerging talent that is “under the radar”. Our expertise and professional network reflects on our spotless reputation that keeps building confident relationships and unique access with artists, high profile clients and art professional entities.


Regency Art Advisory Services offer a wide range of objectives for       our individual and corporate clients. We assist our clients to define and articulate priorities in a challenging art market. We consult, guide and serve clients as a liaison to dealers, artists, auction houses, private collectors, architects and interior design professionals, museums, art foundations and other high profile network professionals.
Whether the goal is to acquire a single work or to implement a comprehensive art program/project, we provide assistance in the following areas.

  • Acquisition and sales of all categories of art.
  • Art collection assessment to determine retention or de-accession strategy.
  • Artwork authentication, appraisal, investigation of provenance and condition report.
  • Client representation during private/professional entitie’s involvement in negotiations on prime purchase or re-sale process.
  • Arranging for site-specific commissioned artworks.
  • Framing services including reframing.
  • Facilitation of transportation, delivery, insurance and installation of artwork.
  • Collection management: inventory and appraisal services.
  • Researching, market analysis and monitoring.
  • Art Collection storage, maintenance and preservation advise and facilitation services.
  • Strategic Advisory on collection advancement.



Due to the individual demands of art programs and advisory, we are available by appointment only.

Please contact us to establish a meeting time and place or if you would like to briefly discuss the merits of an art services required.

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