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Zaki Al-Maboren


Zaki Al-Maboren
Born in Nile island of Artul in the Sudan on 1959 (Germany based)


1983 Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, College of Fine and Applied Art, Khartoum
1987 Visited a course of German language at the Iserlohner Goethe Institute.
1993 Magister Artium in Art History, University of Kassel in Germany
1991-93 Honored by scholarship of the Friedrich – Ebert – Foundation.

  • Winner of many art awards in Germany and Arab world.
  • Lives and work in Kassel. The artworks and activities of Al-Maboren can be seen especially in Germany, He is editor of several monographs such as:
    – Blackbox (2011),
    – Formen und Farben (2009) and
    – Leben mit der Kunst – Die Kunst leben (2008).
  • There are many Publications about his works like:
    – “Mythology als Stimulus”. University of Bayreuth, Germany 1992
  • He participate many solo and group Exhibitions / Workshops all over the World and has many works by art collectors and buyers in Germany, Swiss, Italy, USA, Russia, Austria and Sudan. He is a member of the European Artist e.V and “Kunst & Literatur e.V” in Germany.
  • Joined many symposiums and Art activities with the UNESCO, Goethe- Institute and Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.
  • His philosophy: “Understanding between cultures save lives, Art is the language”