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Sumaya Abdulghani


Sumaya Abdulghani
Born in Bahrain on 1970


  • international art festival ( women and art) at Artoteca Vallisa and Sant Teresa halls, Bary , Italy ,July 2014
  • Islamopolitan (a collective design exhibition) at Maraya Art Center, Sharjah, June 2014.
  • ALP Group Show – Media Lab at Al Bareh Gallery 11th of May 2014
  • Displacement at Al Bareh/ABCAD Gallery Manama Bahrain March 2013​
  • Exhibited an untitled artwork comprised of 3 panels of paper puzzle pieces, curated by Mo Reda.
  • Cut and Paste, a photo collage/montage exhibition at Bin Matar House, Muharraq, Bahrain​February 2013
  • Exhibited Khalemah Tayebah (only 4 panels of the 8 original) curated by Camille Zakharia.
  • Alwan 338, Adlyia, Bahrain​April 2012
  • Exhibited a public mural of painted portraits in a grid, 2 x 4 meters, curated by Bayan Kanoo of Al Riwaq Art Space.
  • Woman for a Better Future exhibition at the Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain​March 2012
  • Exhibited a mixed media artwork of two women embracing, which is now a part of the National Museum’s Permanent Collection.



  • Japanese printmaking at the Museum Of Fine Art , Bosten 3 April 2014
  • Difining Your Photographic Style workshop with the artist Louis Cyprien Rails at Maison Jamsheer (CPABahrain) 15- 22 March 2014
  • Multimedia workshop part 1 with the artist and curator Nedim Kufi ( a continuation of the artist leadership program) at Albareh March 6-16 2014
  • Workshop with the artist Eva Frapiccini at Alriwaq art space 23-25 February 2014
  • Color Mixing workshop by the artist Monia Touiss at Albareh gallery 14-15 February 2014
  • Handbook workshop by the artist Nedim Kufi at Albareh gallery 7-8 February 2014
  • Short listed for the International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) February 2014 in Dubai ,UAE
  • Drypoint printing workshop by the artist Mohammed Omar Khalil at Albareh gallery 22 -25 January 2014
  • Technical Assistant to Collage Artist/Photographer Camille Zakharia​ June 2013
  • Assisted Camille Zakharia in the prosecution of his photographic collage work, “C/O” for the Bahrain Pavilion, A World of your Own, which was exhibited at La Biennale de Venezia in Venice, Italy.
  • Participated in Art of C Workshop at City Center Mall, Bahrain. May 2013
  • Participants created sculptural works of art that were showcased for the public within the mall premises.