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Sakar Farouk Majeed


Sakar Farouk Majeed
Born in Iraq on 1977


Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts department Studio 1997.


2002 Exhibition of Fine Kurdish artists in Korea at Metro Gallery Metropolitan in Korea.
2003 Special traveling exhibition project for women as women look in the artist’s vision in Paris / France.
2004 Exhibition Fine artists Asia in Jala Biennale in Tokyo, Japan
2012 Supervised and prepared an exhibition of children in the memory of the World Children’s Day.
2012 Annual exhibition Calleri Zamoa.
2012 Participation and supervision in the project as you are not alone and the opening of an exhibition’s children with cancer and Salasima.
2012 Exhibition to opening largest Mrkzthagavy in the Middle East.
2012 Workshop and gallery in Egypt entitled Egypt’s okay.
2013 Participated in the project and exhibitionproject Black and White.
2013 Participated in the work shop and gallery under the supervision of the Swedish Tellus Art in India.
2013 Post in a work of art with a group of artists Kurds and Baghdad on Salem Street on the occasion of Nowruz holidayParticipate in the exhibition poster for teachers and educators.
2013 Exhibition for women on the occasion of International Women’s Day.