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Sabah Arbili


Sabah Arbili
Born in Arbil on 1977 (British Citizen – Qatar based)

International artist; specialist in Arabic letter and Islamic Calligraphy. Works in Paint, sculpture and mixed media.

“I envisage the lands with the sounds which echo in my ear taking me back to a place where I see harmony and tranquility. I smell the place and sense my presence and belonging which I capture to share with the audience.”

I was born in Arbil, Iraq in 1977. At the age of 14, I met my first master Bijart Arbilli, a calligrapher. Bijart who taught me how to position the pen in a correct way and I learned to understand the geometrical form and beauty of each letter.

In 1997, My`s knowledge of calligraphy deepened after starting an engineering degree at the University of Saladin in Arbil, Iraq. I found the relationship between the principals of calligraphy and engineering helped me to look at calligraphy with a more accurate perspective.

After settling in the United Kingdom, I worked with various artists in the field of calligraphy, producing collaborated work, enabling communities to see the beauty of calligraphy along with the similarities and differences between the varying styles.

I now take my work around the world, taking part in various international exhibitions and workshops.