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Rusudan Khizanishvili


Rusudan Khizanishvili
Born in Georgia on 1979.


Graduate with a painting degree from the Tbilisi state Academy of Art, Rusudan went on to complete an MA in Media in 2005.


2002 Personal Show ” Basement Club”, Tbilisi, Georgia
2002 Group Show in ”Basement Club”, Tbilisi, Georgia
2005 Cinema Festival Sesily, Tbilisi 2005, group show
2006 Cinema Festival Sesily, Tbilisi 2006, Group Show
2007 Group Show in ”Kopala Art gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia
2008 Personal Show in ”Kopala Art Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia)
2011 Group Show in “Karvasla- gallery” – caucasian artist exhibition Hello, Caucasus”
2011 Personal Exhibition together with Galya Popova “The lost secrets”, “ArtMix Gallery”, Moscow, Russia
2012 Group Show in Museum of Cinema, Theatre and Music
2012 Personal exhibition, France, Galerie Eclat D’Art
2012 Group show, Netherland, Horst, IROK –Gallery
2012 International Festival of Art Marbella- Batumi 2012
2013 Personal Exhibition, Amman, Jordan, Gallery Foresight 32
2013 Group Exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia, and Museum of Contemporary art
2013 Group Exhibition, Amman, Jordan, Gallery Foresight 32
2013 Personal Exhibition, Netherland, Horst, IROK –Gallery
2013 International Art Symposium, Sarkad, Hungary
2013 International Art Symposium, Eger, Hungary
2013 Group Exhibition, Eger, Hungary
2013 Mark Rothko’s Art Residence, Daugavapils, Latvia– participant
2013 Group Exhibition, Mark Rothko’s Art Center, Daugavapils, Latvia
2013 DIAS- Dubai International Art Symposium, participant