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Nabaz Baban


Nabaz Baban
Iraq - Born on 1977


2010 – 2011: PH.D. In Philosophy of Contemporary Arts from School of Fine Arts / University of Sulaymaniya. The PH.D. Thesis was entitled: The Reflection of the Existentialist Conception in Modernity and Post Modernity Forming.
2006 – 2007: M.A. in Contemporary Painting Styles from School of Fine Arts / University of Sulaymaniyah. The thesis was entitled: The Stylistic Features in the Contemporary Paintings in Iraqi Kurdistan.
1999 – 2000: B.A in Plastic Art / College of Fine Arts /University of Baghdad.
1996– 1997: Diploma in Plastic Art/ Plastic Arts department / Institute of Fine Arts / Baghdad.


  • First solo exhibition was held in Baghdad at the hall of Fine Arts Institute / 1995.
  • Participation in the mural painting for the panorama of Halabjah the martyr / 2003.
  • Having a shared exhibition with students of higher education on the National Museum gallery in Sulaymaniyah / 2005.
  • Participation in many exhibitions and festivals in Baghdad & Sulaymaniyah and other exhibitions out of the country.
  • Some of the artistic works are in Sweden & Norway.
  • Participation in first Symposium of Arts at Sulaymaniyah 2014.


  • A member at Iraqi Artists Syndicate and Iraqi Plastic Artists Society.
  • A member at Kurdistan Artists Syndicate.
  • A lecturer in Fine Arts Institute in Sulaymaniyah /2002.
  • Instructor at College of Fine Arts / University Of Sulaymaniyah.