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Mustafa Abdul Baqi Al Arab


Mustafa Abdul Baqi Al Arab
Saudi Arabia - Born on 1974


  • Sharjah Expo 2014
  • Exhibition of Islamic Art in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013
  • Designed more than 189 panel 3M*M in the Saudi Pavilion – China Expo 2010 Shanghai
  • Modern arts (plant a sense of presence_)_Shanghai, China, 2010
  • Fair organizer fourth group calligraphy Qatif (playing characters) 2009
  • Jury competitions Line of higher education in universe in Saudi Arabia
  • Jury Competition Okaz International Calligraphy
  • Participation in the Forum Gallery famous calligraphers Quran in Medina
  • Calligraphy exhibition in Algeria in 2010
  • Cultural Week in China, Beijing, 2011
  • Sharjah International Biennale 2010
  • Several television interviews and lectures, seminars and exhibitions


  • First place in line Diwani Saudi Aramco in 2010
  • Prize acquisition of gallery artists and calligraphers Kingdom respectively, the first session of the second and third 2005, 2007 and 2009
  • First place in the line Diwani clear contest Culture and Arts Society in 2009
  • First place in the competition line Diwani style of Culture and Arts Society in 2009
  • Exhibition acquisition Calligraphy Festival in the summer of 2009 Aramco


  • Founding member of the Saudi Society for Calligraphy
  • Member of the board of directors of the Saudi Society for the line
  • Head of Arabic calligraphy in the Arts Club