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Mohd Baker Moh’d Alabbas


Mohd Baker Moh’d Alabbas
Jordan based in Malaysia - Born on 1969

Mohammed Baker (PhD) is an artist and curator; he obtained his MFA and BFA from Yarmouk University (Jordan), and his PhD in Fine Arts Studies from Sultan Idris Education University (Malaysia). During his artistic and academic practice he participated in different art and research events in London, Singapore, Kuala Lumber, Muscat, Doha, Sana’a and Amman. He taught Art and Design at Limkokwing University of creative technology (Kuala Lumpur), Scientific College of Design (Muscat, Oman), Jordan University and United Nations (UNRWA, Jordan), he received twice the First Medal in the Youth Creative Competition (Ministry of Culture, Jordan) in the years 2009 and 2007.