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Mohammed Quraiseh


Mohammed Quraiseh
Netherland - Born on 1965

I see that Erosion, displaying the natural aesthetics and charms of body, is not restricted to the human body alone.

Nature’s erosion has many aesthetical values, it is more exciting and astonishing, there is the sense of the contemporaneous, the modern forms to gaze upon, when you dig into her she excites and astonishes even more strongly, revealing herself in contemporary and modern forms, techniques, lines and colors of superior beauty. It excites me as I follow her to the places where nature’s intent is to show her erosion, in the stones, trees, walls, metals and the layers of the earth……… I regard it as the source of inspiration of my technicality. Out of its spontaneity, I extract some of its colors and shapes………

I believe that erosion is filled with a natural beauty.