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Mariam Al-Mousa


Mariam Al-Mousa
Qatar – Born on 1953


  • A Arts Education (Qatar University 1988)
  • Supervisor of Arts Education (Ministry of Education- Qatar.
  • Prepared a number of training sessions and workshops for Arts teachers in different educational centers.



  • A member of the Qatari Society of Plastic Arts.
  • A member of the Centre of visual Arts.


Personal exhibitions:

  • Four Personal Exhibitions



  • Participated in several exhibitions In and Out of Qatar organized by the Qatari Society for Fine Arts
  • Participate in many international exhibitions organized by government institutions, and the private sector in cultural events, and various social and inside and outside the country.
  • Participation enrollment numerous courses in art, graphics, ceramics, calligraphy and photography at the hands of professors and several local artists.
  • Attend workshops, sessions and meetings of several cash.
  • 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007; participated in the Doha Cultural Festival.
  • 2006; Gulf’s first cultural festival in Sharjah.
  • 2006; participated in the Biennial, Dhaka.
  • 2008; participated in the prize Sheikha Suad Al-Sabah’s first art exhibition Gulf.
  • 2009; participated in the festival capital of Sanaa, Yemen Arab culture.
  • 2011 – participated in an exhibition in The Dominicans
  • 2011 – participated in an exhibition in “Six Qatari Artists”
  • 2012 – participated with artworks and antiques exhibition of “Mal Awal”
  • 2012 – participated in Markhyah Gallery
  • 2012 – participated in Youth Creative Arts