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Idris Al Hooti


Idris Al Hooti
Oman - Born on 1975

  • Member of Youth Art Studio and the Omani Society for Fine Art, active since 1992.
  • Participated in more than 70 Exhibitions, some of the latest of them are:
  • The Flying Exhibition in Muscat, Berlin and Geneva 2014, Azemmoure International Festival in Morocco 2014, Small Art Works Exhibition in Muscat 2014, Omani Art Exhibition in Spain 2013, Omani Art Exhibition in Jordan 2013, GCC Visual Art Forum in Muscat 2013, Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh 2012.
  • He conducted more than 20 workshops teaching art for beginners throughout the Sultanate.
  • Many of his works appeared in covers of books and magazines.
  • Won 17 prizes in Art competitions between 1997 and 2014.