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Hamed Khazaal


Hamed Khazaal
Kuwait - Born on 1951


Studied in Egypt and he adopted the pointillism technique of painting from which he deviates in 1981.



Hameed Khazaal has taken part on scores of collective exhibitions held in Kuwait and abroad In Kuwait he joined those held by the Kuwait Plastic Arts Society since he became a member in1982 , and those sponsored by the Ministry of Education since 1980. Abroad he joined the collective exhibitions held at Cairo, Damascus, Shariqa, Riyadh, Manama, Doha, Muscat, Tunis, Madrid, Barcelona, Sofia, and Moscow. Tokyo, Havana, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Ankara, Warsaw, Dhaka, Beijing, Beirut, and Stockholm. He represented Kuwait in the Contemporary Art exhibitions at Madrid, Barcelona Muscat, Sofia, Havana, Tokyo, Seoul, Dhaka, Salala, Riyadh, Mehris, and at the Kuwait Cultural week in Lebanon. Many of his works are in private collections in Kuwait and abroad.



He has published several books documenting the movement of the fine art of Kuwait. He has introduced several Kuwaiti Fine artist and lately he has published part I of the book series entitled “Kuwaiti Fine Papers” that includes readings of the experiences of seven Kuwaiti fine artists.