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Hakim Al-Aqel


Hakim Al-Aqel
Yemeni - Born on 1965


1997 Cultural seminar in stone sculpting, Sanaa
1997 Cultural seminar in metal engraving and graphics,
1987-1994 Master of Arts, Moscow State Academy, Cum Laude with first class honors specializing in frescoes, history of arts and concepts of arts
1976 Apprenticeship in the studio of the artist Hashim Ali


2008-09-10 General Coordinator of the International Sanaa Forum of Plastic Arts
2008-09-10 General Coordinator of the Youth Competition in Plastic Arts
2008-09-10 Member of the Judges Committee in the Youth Competition
2009 Judge (Secretary of the Judges Committee) in the International Festival of Miniatures and Ceramics, Algiers
2008 Judge in the Festival of Miniatures and Ceramics, Almadiyah, Algiers
2008 Judge in the 35th Annual Exhibition, Bahrain
2003 Advisor to the Minister of Culture on Plastic Arts and Art Houses
2002 Judge in the Ninth Arts Exhibition, Sultanate of Oman
2001 Judge in the “Paint for Young Arabs” competition, Tunisia
2000 Judge in the competition of “Fine Arts Curricula at the Secondary Stage”


The artists’ works are present in or owned by Moscow, State Museum “Aiszewsk” Admortia Republic Russia, Italy, Beirut, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Britain, Egypt, Morocco, France, U.S.A., U.A.E., National Museum Taiz, Yemeni Bank for Reconstruction and Development Sanaa, Passports Authority Sanaa, Prime Ministers Office Sanaa, Al-Afeef Cultural Institution Sanaa, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Sanaa, Ministry of Information, sculpture entitled “Cohesion in Marble” in Alieh, Lebanon, frescoes at Al-Khiam, Lebanon, Naeem Farhat Museum, Jordan Museum, Ministry of Culture, China, large number of paintings in private collections.