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Ferdaws Eva Brinsi


Ferdaws Eva Brinsi
Tunisia - Born on 1984


2012-2013   Master degree, Doctoral school of science and Technical Art of Tunis.
2006-2010   Bachelor Degree in Plastic Art, specialty: Painting. Institute Fine Arts of Tunis.
1999-2006   Baccalaureate in Arts, Experimental High School of Arts El     Omrane.

   Cultural Week in Marseille between High school of El Omran and technical High School of Rempart.
2001   Art Museum of Castel Khair-Eddine in the occasion of cultural change between Tunisian Ministry of cultural and Spanish embassy.
2001   Beginning of cultural session in Ariana.
2001   Cultural Week between Tunisia and Belgium.
2001   Cultural Club of Tahar Haddad.
2002   Cultural center of Ibnou Hazem in kalet El Andalos.
2002   Cultural exchange between Tunisia and Belgium.
2003–2004 Cultural Week of Ain-Drahem.
2003   Artistic Exhibition organized by Tunisian Association of artistic education       A.T.A.E.
2006   Artistic Exhibition organized by the association “Leptique” of Lamta in Mahdia
2015    Exhibition Union of Tunisian artist in the Palais Keiredine

2001        Workshop in the Museum of Castel Khair-Eddine Pacha.
2006  Workshop in Belvedere on the occasion of an environment event.

2001 First Price of Youth Artist in Work Shop of Picasso and Miro in Castel’s khair- Eddine Pacha.

2003        First Price of Youth Artist in Workshop of environment organized by Coca Cola.
2003        First Price of Youth Artist in Workshop organized by Tunisian Association of Artistic Education.