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Falah Shwan


Falah Shwan
U.S.A. - Born on 1965


2007        Diploma of Art from Stratford Career Institute
2005Present     Art Teacher in Columbus, Ohio
1986        Diploma of Fine Arts from Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan


2014  Worthington Area Art League Exhibition in Columbus, Ohio. Received 2nd place.
2014  Al Asmakh Art Atelier 6 – Doha, Qatar
2013  Collaborated with three other artists in a mixed medium drawing at the Second Sight Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.
2013  “Keep Our Planet Alive” International Festival (Sponsored by TellUsArt) Goa, India.
2010  Exhibited paintings of Kurdish life in Washington, D.C.
2009  Exhibited personal paintings and led a workshop on color palette in Kirkuk, Iraq.
2004  Displayed black and white art pertaining to political issues in Kurdistan in Mahan Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.
1997  Collaborated with the Red Cross in commemoration of 25 years of service in Syria.
1995  Participated in an exhibition showcasing Iraqi artists in the Center for Russian Culture in Damascus.
1994  Staged an exhibit in Damascus showcasing personal paintings.
1992  Collaborated with 32 other artists in an exhibition on miniatures in the Media Gallery in Arbil, Kurdistan.
1989  Al Wasti festival in Baghdad, Iraq; an international, multi-medium art festival.
1988  Participated in the Day of Art festival in Baghdad, Iraq and Arbil, Kurdistan.
1987  Participated in the bicentennial of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan.
1986  Exhibited art work at the Exhibition of Kirkuk Artists in Kirkuk, Kurdistan.
1986  Collaborated with Ghazi Muhammad and Adnan Shino in Media Gallery, Arbil, Kurdistan.
1985  Jointly exhibited art in the Museum Gallery of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan with five other artists.
1983  Collaborated with Ali Sidiq on the presentation of modern art in Kirkuk, Kurdistan.