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El Kudafi El Fakhri


El Kudafi El Fakhri
Libya - Born on 1963


  • Member of the Artists Union
  • Jury member Alguentas Award in Djelfa Algeria Djelfa Festival 2009
  • Jury member of the Ghadames Festival of Fine Arts 2008
  • Jury member of the youth exhibition in 2006
  • Founding member of the Hall Wasti 1999
  • Painters of the founders of the club Tripoli in 1983

2010  Corridor Gri Long
2007  Gallery thresholds embers House portico Arts

2013        Three Artists Exhibition
2012       Spring creators House Arts Exhibition
2008        Fine Arts Festival Ghadames
2006-2008   Joint exhibition Tunisian Libyan cultural center with artists from Tunisia
2007        Alsilviom Show
2005        European exhibition Libyan shores of the Mediterranean Tripoli
2005        Five exhibition hall Lights Theater

2013  Contemporary Arab Art Biennale Tunisia
2011  Abdelliya Tunisia Show
2011  Exhibition in Tunis Altonisien the company of artists in order to support and provide relief to the Libyan families Pfdhae girlfriend of Art
2009  Gathering Maghreb first Annaba Algeria
2008  The guest of honor exhibition of Tunisian Union of Fine Artists
2008  City baths Tunisia Festival
2008  Biennale Kharafi in Kuwait
2007  Four artists from Libya exhibition at Gezira Arts Center Cairo Egypt
2006 Arab Exhibition China

2008 First prize Festival City Baths Tunisia
2005 Award for best theatrical text of the play obsessive Arrieta festival for Experimental Theatre
2003  Get the third prize Benali Malta International