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Ahmed Jaride


Ahmed Jaride
Morocco - Born on 1954

2013 Loft Art Gallery
1987 – 2013 Morocco, Lyon, London, Marseille, United Arab Emirates, Brasilia, Mexico, Madrid, Brussels, Damascus, Cairo, Alexandria, Kuwait, Teheran, Helsinki, Berlin, Timbuktu, Oman, Manama, Muscat….Biennales in Alexandria, Biennale Sharjah, Biennale in Kuwait, Biennale in Tehran, Mahres-Tunisia Festival, International Symposium of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.


  • Devoted to the promotion of Art and Culture in Morocco, he established in 1998 the “Village Des Ateliers d’Artistes Association” (AVAA). A year later, he has nominated as an advisor of the Minister of Culture and Communication, then as a director of the Minister of Culture cabinet until 2005.
  • Cofounder of GENAP (The Grand National Exhibition of Fine Arts) with Mohamed Achaari in 2004; and the founder and the director of Zon’Art magazine, contemporary Art magazine in 2006.
  • Deputy-President of AMAP (Moroccan Association of Fine Arts), Member of the International Association of Fine Arts, UNESCO, Member of La Maison de la Poésie au Maroc (Poetry House in Morocco), Member of Moroccan Writers Union and Member of National Mutual Council for Artists.
  • Designated in various occasions as Commissioner of Moroccan expositions abroad and President or Member of many artistic jury in Morocco and abroad.
  • Organized and participated in symposiums on contemporary art in Morocco and abroad, and lately: “Art Fair Casablanca/Foro Casablanca 2011, where he acted as the regional project chief: March meeting at the biennale event of Sharjah and the International Symposium of Assilah.



Royal Palace, National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, Kuwait. Kingdom of Morocco Academy. Morocco’s Academy of Science. ONA Foundation in Morocco. ATTIJARIWAFABANK Foundation. CDG Foundation Maroc Telecom Credit du Maroc Ministry of Culture Contemporary Arts National Museum, Rabat.