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Adil Haouata


Adil Haouata
Belgium - Born on 1978

2001 - 2005      Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels arts section - Belgium.
1999 - 2001      School of Fine Arts in Casablanca arts section - Morocco.
1996 - 1999      Bachelor of plastic arts Casablanca - Morocco.


2014  Galerie NADAR in Casablanca – Morocco
2014  TAG Gallery in Brussels – Belgium
2014  Sketches of artist Amber Art Center in Casablanca – Morocco
2014  Galerie Claude Samuel in Paris – France
2014  «Parcours d’artistes» Saint-Gilles in Brussels – Belgium
2014  International Symposium Al Asmakh Art in Doha – Qatar
2014  House of Artists Anderlecht in Brussels – Belgium
2014  Claridge room in Brussels – Belgium
2013 «Omar al Khayyam» Cultural Center in Brussels – Belguim.
2012 «Parcours d’artistes» Saint-Gilles Brussels – Belguim.
2011 «Omar al Khayyam» Cultural Center in Brussels – Belguim.
2006 «Bolly-Charlier» Foundation Huy – Belguim.
2006 «Parcours d’artistes» Saint- Gilles Brussels – Belguim.
2005 Festival «O(n)ZE» Bulex in Brussels – Belguim.
1999 Cultural Complex «Sidi Balyout» Casablanca Mohammed VI Foundation    against poverty – Morocco.

“Painting for me is an outlet, a release back to childhood”

My paintings are a discharge space, accumulation of images and snapshots through time, a journey that links the past to the present. Material, shape, color available … You only need to feel and to develop, because the images of the past are present within us, it is enough to stimulate them to see the colors and materials in all forms of expression.