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Abdulrahman Al Mutawa


Abdulrahman Al Mutawa
Qatar - Born on 1954


  • D Member in Qatar Association of Formative Arts
  • Since 2004 Member of Heritage & Art Society


2002  2nd Exhibition at Qatar Association of Formative Arts;
Qatari Society of Formative Arts Exhibition in Bahrain

2003  3rd Exhibition at French Cultural Center
4th Exhibition at Qatar University
National Council of Culture & Arts Exhibition in Washington

2004  Qatari Exhibition 20th Doha Cultural Festival General  Exhibition (21st)
The Pieces of Artist Exhibition  (Qatar University)
Qatar Tourism Exhibition in the Festival

2005 Resident General Exhibition 1st Formative Art Exhibitions in Qatar University
1st Youth Symposium  in Doha

2006 Annual Gulf Exhibition in Oman


1991  2nd  Muscat Youth Biennale
1998  7th Cairo international Biennale
1999 Al Sharjah General Biennale
2001 8th Cairo Biennale; Al- Sharjah Biennale.
2003 Mabah Biennale of Syrian Youth
2006 Cairo Graphics


2nd Award of 5th Youth Exhibition of GGC in Doha; 1st Award of 6th Youth Exhibit of GCC in Emirates; 3rd Award of nature drawing gallery in Bahrain; 1st Award of 7th Formative Arts Exhibition of GCC Youth in Riyadh; 1st Award in creative sculpture competition under auspices of Qatar T.V in 1987; 3rd Award of Heritage competition under the auspices of National Bank of Qatar in 1998; An appreciation certificate from creation Center of Ministry Of Education 2000 AD.; 2nd Award of 1st Doha Youth Exhibition  in 2001 AD.