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Abderrazak Hamouda


Abderrazak Hamouda
Born in Gabes, an oasis of South Tunisia on 1953 (Based in Switzerland)

If the Tunisian calligragher A H is not to be considered as solely a perfect humanist, this self made artist fully committed himself to his artistic talent an devoted his efforts to achieve his idealistic principles of equal rights, respect and freedom.

He uses his calligraphic messages in Arabic derived from the poems of Omar Khayam or Ibn Arabi ” I only believe in the religion of love ” or Paul Cezanne : ” The world is incomprehensible and i don’t understand the world.” Such quotations enthroll me and match my messages would the artist say. The artist also creates his own phrases. “The other is part of us, therefore deserves our respect.” Or ” the comeback is a utopy” to show that we are considered as aliens in our original countries and strangers in our host counties. This was a dominant feeling throughout the life of the artist. After 13 years spent in Paris for studying, he moved in 1983 to Geneva . Yet, never did he give up his ties with the so cherished original country.

It is in Geneva, in his workshop, a real cave of Ali Baba, the temple of a thousand pieces of furniture and acquired from the flee-market, the artist hides away from the outside world to concentrate on his artistic work and research projects.

This outstandind spirit and non-conformist character A H carried out his studies in English , Arabic and Persian to read original scripts of Hafez, Saadi or Attar.

With his old friends from Gabes, his original hometown, he founded in 1991 Dar El-Founoun ( Arts Gallery ) a space for local artists and foreigners alike to promote dialogue and reach out for world cultures and better serve the needs of local artists and the whole south of Tunisia.

Calligraphy said AH is an art of precision and sincerity. It requires mental and physical rigour requiring both mastery of gesture and breath together.” The dot which is the starting point follows strictly geometric rules then stretches out to reach a curve ….. all is possible after that, whether in space or within the artist. Geometry becomes a compulsory ingredient, the line must be drawn in a single movement with a unique breadth. The blank page changes into a theatrical scenery.

Since 1981 AH has been involved in series of exhibitions whether alone or joint ones from Tunis to Geneva or in France and Italy; Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Austria.

Since 1996 ( 2000 days ahead of the year 2000) he has been deeply involved with the project of his friend Missawi to promote the ideal of peace among children and artists round the world.