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Buying art is fun and exciting process, however, finding the perfect piece can be a challenge. An Art Piece might look wonderful in a gallery space, on the art fair wall, but the question is, will you enjoy living with it for years? And will it fit into your interior idea or even will the size be right for your walls?

Regency Art Non-profit has launched an art rental program to suite solutions for an owning art at easy, risk-free concept. You can try the art you like at home, your office or any other space, living and rotating new artworks in at any time. Take your time in decision on earning credits and purchasing those artworks that you love and finding hard to depart from.

Regency Art non – profit Art Experts working directly with individual and corporate clients, offering an outstanding collections of original artworks (or limited-edition prints), custom tailored to meet your eye and design needs. Whether you’re interested in acquiring commission work from talented emerging or established local or international artists or investing into global master names, Regency Art’s Team is committed to source artworks to suite your collection needs via our extensive partner network.

As well as art for purchase, Regency Art also offers the flexibility and convenience of renting artworks without high upfront costs — ideal for temporary structures, show homes, and events.
Should you or your clients wish to keep them, part of the rental costs will be credited towards purchase.
Finally, art rentals are tax-friendly and can be listed as an expense in accounting.

Art Rentals from 40 us$ a month

Would you imagine getting an original art in your home from the world-class artists at a price that won’t make you blush? That’s right, at Regency Art, we are happy to intermediate facilitation of each artwork to be shipped, installed and enjoyed.
Simplicity, transparency and hidden costs free process!

Credits towards purchase

Renting art comes with plenty of benefits. Each month, you’ll earn credits from your rental towards purchase. Do you like what you see on your wall? We’ll credit 100% of your first month rental, and 50% thereafter.

Damage Concerns

Are you concerned about damage condition? So we are!
At Regency Art we work with most experienced logistics professionals to ensure that each item is shipped in tough custom designed secure packaging. We offer an optional loss-damage waiver on every rental during checkout. This carefully drafted waiver provides peace of mind to all involved parties in case the unimaginable takes place.

Emerging Artists

$100 (one time fee) plus 5% of Value Price/Month
(1 year minimum)

$3,000 Artwork;
$100 + $150/month = $1,900 rental for year ($380 goes into renter’s credit account)

Established Artists

$300 (one time fee) plus
5% of Value Price/Month
(1 year minimum)

$3,000 Artwork;
$300 + $150/month = $2,100 rental for year ($420 goes into renter’s credit account)

Art Consultancy Intermediation

$200 (one time fee) plus 5% of Value Price/Month
(1 year minimum)

$3,000 Artwork;
$200 + $150/month = $2,000 rental for year ($400 goes into renter’s credit account)

Regency Art can help intermediate personalised art commissions projects, and can source facilitation of an artist to produce site-specific artwork. Regency Art will work with you to commission pieces from any artist you desire, or can present recommendations of artists whose work matches yours or your clients’ interests in colours, technic and style.

Art Rental Terms:

All rentals have a one-year (12 months) minimum contract program.
First time customers receive complimentary 30 days of free rental service.

Art Rental Shipping terms:

Renter pays for shipping from prime departure point to the point
of final destination.

Average shipping for one work of art: $25-$75 each way, this is the
Custom tailored subject of each deal treated as individually independent
case scenario.

Insurance: Renter pays for the insurance of rented collection.
Framing: Renter pays for selected and pre-approved framing.
Extras: Renter may swap their artwork one time per year for an art work
of the same equal/lesser value, carrying required responsibilities of expense in
logistics, insurance, shipping, framing and etc.